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Math Equation API

# About

Math Equation API is a simple MathJax based API that allows you to generate equation images (in SVG format) that you can freely use anywhere. It's a simple and high-performance alternative to MathJax client-side library that has a large bundle size and is harder to include.

Since you're including simple images and there's no JS dependency, the equations load measurably faster.

# Usage

Creating Equations

To create the equation, pass your equation in the eq parameter.

<img src="\sqrt2-\sqrt8" />


ASCIIMath Syntax

The default format of the input is TeX, which can be verbose at times. An alternative to this is AsciiMath which can be activated by using the format parameter.

<img src="[[a,b],[c,d]]&format=asciimath" />


Modifying Color

You can also modify the color using hsl, rgb, hex color names.

<img src="\sqrt2-\sqrt8&color=ff0000" />


# Generator

Image URL Copy Code

# Pricing

MathEquationAPI is free for both personal and commercial use for upto 1000 requests / day. For higher quota, please contact us. We'll be happy to create a paid plan for you.

# Contact

Have some question, feedback, or want to report something? Feel free to send us a message.